Joined the gym

I’m so behind I couldn’t even remember where in C25K week 7 I was, but apparently I have run 2 done!

I joined the gym, because I just can’t take the heat, and ran the 25 minutes on a treadmill, which was okay. Don’t know if it would have been easier on one of the ones with a television screen, but all but one of those was in use, and while I warmed up on that one it was making clunky noises and just stopping randomly, so I switched to one with simpler settings in front of the scary mirror. I didn’t do any hills, and the treadmill kept me on pace (I started at 8.8km/hr, and gradually shifted down to 8.1, but I’m pretty sure that’s twice as fast as I usually run by the end of my outdoor runs) so I got to well over 3km from the run, and 4km distance including the cool-down walk, so I’m happy with that.

I also did a ‘sculpting’ class after that, which was harder than I was expecting, after the run, but fun. The best part was definitely the large long hot shower after it all though. Our plumbing at home is rubbish¡

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