Tired and feeling crummy

Been exhausted the past few days, so haven’t worked out again or gone to do my blood tests yet. I actually did go back to the gym on Tuesday evening, on my way home from somewhere with my girls, and showed the older one (since the younger was asleep in the ErgoBaby carrier on my back) the childcare space there, for the next time we go together. From what I’ve seen, and what the staff said, it’s normally packed during the hours it’s open (a few in the morning and evening, whereas the gym is open all day from early to late), but there was amazingly only one sleeping child there right then, so they were happy for her to have a good look at the toys and talk to me. It’s fairly basic babysitting they offer, but it’ll make a change sometimes, and let me get there at times when DH has to get on with other things. We didn’t stay for me to exercise (more than walking around town with two small kids in tow, that is!) though, as it was late and I didn’t have the right clothes.

Then yesterday I didn’t want to go anywhere after getting back from the office, but I didn’t feel right not going to the wedding a family we’re close to were making, so we all went to that, and stayed for the ceremony and the first part of the meal, till the girls were behaving too exhausted (the 3.5yo decided to go for a wander around the hotel – thankfully a friend stopped her going far) so we came home. I actually got a decent night’s sleep last night, but *needed* long naps in the morning and afternoon, and had a terrible stomachache after lunch. I’d eaten so little over the past couple of days that I thought I should have a proper meal, and apparently overdid it.

So this evening I just went on a very short walk locally with a visiting friend. I’ll go down to the gym in the morning and see what I feel up to, and then use their nice showers, I think!

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