Some progress

I actually dragged myself out of the house early enough to get my blood tests done this morning, so I will have something to show the new doctor I’m seeing on Thursday morning. The ultrasound is that afternoon, so I won’t have that yet. Since the 3.5yo’s kindergarten year ended yesterday, I took her with me, so we made a couple of extra stops to get food and so on. We also stopped by our favourite local 2nd-hand bookshop, and bought a bunch of kids’ books.

We got to the gym at about 12:10, and the childcare there ends at 1pm, (they have another session in the evening) so I didn’t have long to get my run in. I could have done the whole thing, and then retrieved her after the cooldown etc, and changed with her next to me, and I planned to do that, but about halfway through I wimped out decided having a decent shower without attendant child was more important to me right then, so I only did about 12.5 minutes, rather than the 25 minutes I need to complete week 7 of C25K. Slightly faster pace this time, at 9km, so that part was good.

DD said she enjoyed herself too. She actually came to see me about 5 minutes into the run. I suddenly noticed her about 5m behind me, in the mirror. I waved and called her but she didn’t come over. The staff member in the gym went over and chatted to her, and then she went back to the children’s area. She didn’t have anyone from there with her, so I don’t know if she just walked out, or if they asked the gym supervisor to show her where I was, or what. DD wasn’t very forthcoming when I asked her about it later, and when I asked the gym supervisor as I went to the changing room, she just said DD was fine, but missed me. So no-one seemed bothered by it, and we’ll see what happens next time, I supposed. There weren’t all that many people at the gym today, which may have helped.

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