Back to the gym

We (DH & I, two daughters) were out yesterday, and on the way home I realised we’d pass the gym and that the childcare would be open, so I thought I should go. I was wearing trainers, so I went to a cheap clothes shop and bought a couple of cotton t-shirts, leggings and socks, as well as a towel, and went along. Also got some reasonable-ish finger food for the girls, since it was approaching supper-time, and I didn’t want them to be grumpy through hunger. I paid for a long-term locker, so I could leave the spare clothes there for the next time. This should make it easier to fit in short bursts of exercise when I happen to be passing there, rather than persuading myself to leave home again after a return.

I didn’t realise till I walked into the exercise area that I wasn’t exactly wearing a sports bra, so I didn’t even last ten minutes on the treadmill (and only three of them were actually running), but I did fine on the controlled weights machines, until the 3.5yo came to find me for the third time. At that point I stopped, told her she had to stay in the children’s area with her sister while I got changed, and had a decent shower.

The kids were fine. The little one had poured her sister’s drink all over herself and the floor (the latter had been cleaned up, without complaints, but since I hadn’t left spare clothes there wasn’t really anything they could do about the former) which reminded me I shouldn’t have left anything but water for either of them…

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