Sick of the heat

My DH says he thinks the heat has been less the last few days, but I’m definitely feeling it more. Maybe the humidity is up? I’ve been feeling ill whenever I’m not in air conditioning (which we don’t have at home, although a fan directly pointed at my head from no more than two feet away does help).

I actually went to the office today, which does have a/c. The journeys either way were rather brutal, though. I and a colleague go in by taxi two days a week, and since the regular drivers are paid a flat rate per journey, they tend to go pretty fast. Between the heat, the humidity, and the motion, I was decidedly queasy by the time we arrived this morning, and then on the way home the walk was atrocious. (We get picked up and dropped off at a central point in walking distance from both my and my colleague’s homes.) Since the gym was barely out of my way home (the other side of the main road) I ended up going in, enjoying their *cold* a/c, and having a shower and changing into some of the clean clothes I’d left there. I didn’t feel up to actually exercising, but I felt so much better the rest of the way home that it was definitely worthwhile.

I’m lucky, I’ve always thought, that I really don’t get morning sickness (in both of the previous two pregnancies I’ve had one incident of real nausea, right at the end of the first trimester, so I suppose that’s due in the next fortnight or so), but as with seasickness, sometimes the queasiness can go on for ages, when a good vomit should clear the head, at least temporarily. Oh well, so long as I can keep cool I’m sure I’ll be fine.

I’m due to see the high-risk doctor tomorrow morning, so I might bring this up. I’ll be interested to see what this doctor says. I won’t be impressed if I get brushed off, certainly.


2 thoughts on “Sick of the heat

  1. Ugh, heat has a funny way of making everything seem harder or worse or more uncomfortable than normal. I understand about not having A/C at home, I don’t have it either. Most days, I’m fine but there have been a few uncomfortable nights this summer.
    I think keeping clothes at the gym is a great idea, not only can you cool down but the exercise is good for you mentally as well as physically.
    Be well.

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