Radio Silence

Very strange – I really thought I’d posted this update a couple of days ago, but there’s no sign of it at all. In short, it’s still too hot (that’ll probably be the case until November, so I’ll try not to complain about it too much) and there’s been local drama going on that has largely distracted me from the whole pregnancy issue, which in some ways is good, as long as I keep dealing with stuff.

I saw the gastroenterologist about 10 days ago, and he’s referred me on to a liver clinic at a local hospital, and told me to avoid paracetamol products and alcohol (neither of which I use even ‘normal’ amounts of anyway, so that’s no issue). He didn’t seem to know a whole lot about HELLP or pregnancy related liver conditions, which I think is why he wants me to go to the hospital, where it’s easier for the doctors to work in a more inter-disciplinary way. (I.e. they can talk to gynecology immediately.) He also had me do new, more specific, blood tests to take to the clinic. From what I can see the new ones look like I’m back in the normal range, but I haven’t been seen at the clinic yet. I went to my appointment on Wednesday last, but it was cancelled at the last minute. They made me a new one for this coming Wednesday, but told me to phone ahead and confirm the doctor is back from his urgent overseas travel, so we’ll see what happens.

In the meantime, my mother has also had some strange liver enzyme results (definitely not pregnancy related), and had to follow up with a specialist. Unfortunately the health service/her insurance where she lives doesn’t have as comprehensive financial coverage as we do here, so I’m thankful she can afford what she needs, even if it’ll potentially cramp other things. I’m even more thankful that our national system is as good as it is, so that my only financial consideration is the time I have to take off work for appointments (the wasted one last week was annoying). We do pay a nominal amount of co-pay for specialist visits, but they are truly nominal, and our basic coverage is entirely means tested/treated as tax, which is how I personally feel such things should be. It is very comprehensive, too. It doesn’t cover regular optometry or dentistry (at least for adults – it covers more for children) but does cover ophthalmology and anything referred by a doctor, pretty much. Only once has the basic package declined to cover something for us immediately, and that was literally a case of, “reapply nearer to the time,” and then they agreed to cover it.

This is awfully cutesy, but honestly I’m not keeping track of exactly where I’m up to (in weeks and days) in this pregnancy, so will let a tracker do it for me. Colours etc are no indication of anything – this was just the least ‘baby’ one I could see. I’m still not entirely adjusted to that idea. I’ll get there. I hope.
Pregnancy tracker.